Gulf Business Solution

Cyber Security

Network Security

Create a platform for computers, users, and programs to perform their critical functions within a secure environment with an underlying networking infrastructure protected from unauthorized access, misuse, modification, destruction, or improper disclosure.

GBS applies a multi-layered approach to secure our clients’ communication networks using best-in-class protection. From encrypting data to managing user compliant policies, secure connections to both internal and external sources are protected from breaches, email-borne threats, and malicious attacks.

Application Security

GBS security solutions are never off-duty, so you’re always safe from attack.

Application security can empower an organization to deliver their business faster. This can result in additional attack vectors and potential exposures for the resulting applications, APIs, application infrastructure and data. GBS will implement an application security program on your behalf using technologies and services such as application security testing and web application firewalls—all necessary to manage this exposure.

Users & End Point

Endpoint protection products use multiple techniques. Our technical security and risk management professionals understand these techniques to balance efficacy against user impact and IT overheads.

Maintaining “real” security in an increasingly virtual and personal endpoint world becomes challenging. Our research empowers you to respond quickly to attacks, malfunctions and unusual endpoint activity in order to halt the spread of damage. GBS will help you choose Endpoint Solutions based on efficacy and impact on users and operations.

Visibility & Analytics

Quickly detect and mitigate targeted and emerging threats and attacks with visibility and analytics that provide insight into the encrypted network traffic of your enterprise.

GBS will enable your successful data security with a data-centric security architecture according to your needs for total peace of mind.

With a move to the cloud, the challenges of securing your corporate data increase exponentially. Structured and unstructured data can reside anywhere as the use of cloud and mobile devices grows. CIOs must now find the data, classify it, protect it from leakage and build-in the proper process and workflows to meet ever-changing governance and privacy standards.


Our service offering is sophisticated – mixing advanced products with unequalled experience.

Added security for business in a digital world
New technologies enter the market on an hourly basis so staying ahead is exhausting. GBS’ specialists keep their finger on the pulse of technological advancements.

“Data is the lifeline of any business and any breach of data, applications and network will have a serious reputational and commercial impact on an organization”