Gulf Business Solution



iSuite is a fully-fledged in-house developed solution for the banking industry which enable cash and cheque deposits, and utility payments away from ATM switch, introducing revolutionary screens, customized menus and a virtual keyboard.

Vynamic Suite

A software-defined, commerce-enabling software with flexible, multi-vendor solutions that ensure the “always on” automation needs of today’s digital banking.

In the digital world, gaining a competitive edge requires breaking down channel silos to facilitate business agility and seamless consumer experiences.

Connection Points

Supports customization across channels in different currencies and languages.


Centralized control over targeted deployment and lead generation.

Transaction Engine

Delivers a unified, highly personalized experience across the digital ecosystem of smartphones, tablets and computers.

Transaction Engine

Gives customers access to their financial information now, when, and where they want it.


Manages data from multiple sources, different channels and across departments within an organization.


A comprehensive solution for remote monitoring, administration, automation and availability-optimization of multi-vendor systems.


Protects self-service terminals within a multivendor environment against virus, Trojan or spyware attacks from other self-service networks, and unauthorized internal access Tike software manipulation.