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Self Service Terminals

Bridging digital into the physical world to enhance your customer’s banking experience with cutting-edge ATM technologies. As a leader in the field of self-service banking and administrative services, GBS is constantly re-inventing ways to make the lives of your customers easier.

Self-Service Terminals offer convenient, simple and highly interactive experiences that generate trust and reliability with every transaction and are mission-critical to consumer engagement. They can enhance, augment and even replace the physical branch. As the face of your brand they are an essential component for engaging, retaining and growing your customer base.

Our Offering:

  • Lobby ATM Self-Service Solutions Indoor units that can be deployed in branches or any retail location to offer customers convenient services at more accessible locations.
  • Through-the-Wall ATM Self-Service Solutions Meet the needs of consumers with a convenient channel that offers increased availability, usability, performance, service, security and design, 24-7.
  • Drive-up ATM Deploy these drive-up units to migrate routine transactions to self-service, available from the comfort of your customer’s vehicle.

Cash Recycling

Mitigate cash movement and maintain customer service with Smart Deposit and Cash Recycling systems that save time.


Cash is still playing a vital role in the banking and financial sector. Banks must have clear strategies on how to manage cash movement through ATM networks.

How Does cash recycling work? Cash recycling enables a bank receive deposits and dispense cash from the same cassette in a single ATM.

The cassette in a recycling ATM is more advanced — the mechanism is adjusted so it can dispense and deposit cash from and to a single cassette, allowing financial institutions to extend the cash cycle and reduce cash-in-transit time thereby increasing security.

The Benefits:

  • Saves Time: Tellers spend 30 – 45 seconds to manage cash during every transaction. Cash recycling speeds up this process.
  • Greater Focus on the Customer: Tellers can focus on more productive tasks (e.g. sell banking products).
  • Increased Accuracy: Cash flowing in and out is automatically managed with extreme accuracy.
  • Increased Security: The unit doubles as a vault to store money and restrict access to authorized users only.

Self Service Terminals

Dispenses cash at a teller’s request, in a similar way to an ATM machine while reducing human error. The system accepts cash, recognizes different banknotes, checks for forgery and deposits the cash in an integrated safe.

A recycling mechanism allows the cash deposited by one customer to be dispensed again to another, which means it need not be replenished as often as a normal safe.

The Benefits:

  • Increased flexibility of bank processes
  • Simplified cash transactions
  • Stronger control over cash
  • Faultless counterfeit detection
  • Instant access to information

Cash Deposit

Supports safe, automated management of large cash needs for retail and commercial customers.

Reshape your self-service offering to better support the cash handling needs of your retail and commercial customers. GBS offers a bulk cash deposit solution for retail use that accepts cash and cheque deposits sealed in tamper-evident, barcoded bags for commercial use. It is also available to banks seeking to offer customers cash deposits into their accounts without visiting a branch.


Self Check-Out

  • Ensure speedier customer transactions and shorter lanes to boost customer satisfaction and drive sales.Customers favor stores that offer faster ways to complete their retail journeys. GBS offers adaptable and customizable self-service solutions designed to meet business and customer needs, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. The Benefits:
  • Smooth experience for your customers
  • Transaction time is minimized
  • Less queuing time = more shopping time

Cheque Scanner & Sorter

Scanners used to accept cheques in banks must be fast and reliable. Our cheque scanners provide a complete range of processing capabilities from scanning to sorting, enabling efficient payments processing. The systems deliver superior performance in critical areas such as image quality and treatment, and document handling to process payments more efficiently and facilitate the branch’s overall digital transformation.

The Benefits:

  • Smooth experience for your customers
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Increased security