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In today’s modern business environment, accessibility to office documents or printers shouldn’t affect workflow. To maintain business continuity in any scenario, and to reduce the threats associated with paper documents, GBS  offers a more contemporary solution to the document approval process – Digital Signature.

Unlike an electronic signature that digitally mimics the hand-drawn image of a person’s signature, and is therefore prone to forgery, Digital signatures are hardcoded digital identifiers that are immutably attached to documents after a verified process through a third party. The system allows authorization to take place over a Web Service or Mobile App such as the UAE’s proprietary application UAE PASS.

What is UAE Pass ?

GBS has a proven track record supporting businesses with the latest solutions and technologies.

The UAE Pass is the first national digital identity platform allowing the UAE population to not only access services on a single mobility identity, but also to digitally sign documents anytime and anywhere with the aim of improving customer experience.

Our expertise in enterprise solutions will help you easily adopt and adapt UAE Pass, and drive your digital transformation journey onward.

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