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Computer Aided Facility Management

Computer Aided Facility Management


Thanks to GBS computer-aided technology, large-scale enterprises that deal with vast quantities of information from multiple sources can be released from constraints and challenges such as a shrinking maintenance budget, lack of resources and scattered data.

We will provide your facility manager with innovative tools and the ability to track, manage, report, and plan your entire facilities operations.

We will help ensure the organization’s assets are fully utilized at the lowest possible cost, while providing benefits and predicted outcomes to every phase of a building’s life cycle.

The best part is the simplicity of it, with an agnostic central platform that monitors all readings coming from devices and meters throughout your facility.

Space Inventory & Management

Define and standardize space attributes and data elements as well as the physical asset inventories of the organization.


Track energy consumption, monitor utilities, manage lighting, janitorial, and grounds maintenance responsibilities and costs.

Maintenance & Repairs

Monitoring routine repairs and preventive maintenance operations


Building condition inspections, condition reporting, security vulnerability and risk assessment

Space Forecasting

Determine current space utilization and to project future space requirements based on customer or mission requirements