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Cash Recycling

Cash Recycling

Mitigate cash movement and maintain customer service with Smart Deposit and Cash Recycling systems that save time.


Cash is still playing a vital role in the banking and financial sector. Banks must have clear strategies on how to manage cash movement through ATM networks.

How Does cash recycling work? Cash recycling enables a bank receive deposits and dispense cash from the same cassette in a single ATM.

The cassette in a recycling ATM is more advanced — the mechanism is adjusted so it can dispense and deposit cash from and to a single cassette, allowing financial institutions to extend the cash cycle and reduce cash-in-transit time thereby increasing security.

The Benefits:

  • Saves Time: Tellers spend 30 – 45 seconds to manage cash during every transaction. Cash recycling speeds up this process.
  • Greater Focus on the Customer: Tellers can focus on more productive tasks (e.g. sell banking products).
  • Increased Accuracy: Cash flowing in and out is automatically managed with extreme accuracy.
  • Increased Security: The unit doubles as a vault to store money and restrict access to authorized users only.