Gulf Business Solution

SDC – Shared Delivery Center

SDC – Shared Delivery Center

GBS can provide remote Monitoring & Event Management from our Service Delivery Center (SDC) which is underpinned by a secure Managed Services Framework (MSF).

This extends our delivery capabilities, enabling us to reduce our customers’ operational costs while increasing efficiency:

  • Monitoring IP enabled devices
  • Application Monitoring
  • Health & Performance Monitoring
  • Server/Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Database Monitoring
  • Log Management
  • Online dashboard/Reporting

24x7x365 Proactive Monitoring Services delivering higher availability and optimized performance.

Monitoring: Our team proactively monitors Infrastructure & Applications to ensure optimum efficiency at all times. Monitoring of the network can also identify threats and other issues to offer solutions in real-time and prevent unnecessary downtime.

Event Management: Together with customers, GBS will implement agreed-upon fault and SLA thresholds for the Infrastructure and Applications.

  • Examples include CPU utilization, Memory utilization, Disk IO utilization, Network IO utilization, File system utilization and for networks could also include Uptime, Bandwidth Utilization, Errors and Discards, etc.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring improves response times to pro-active events, which means incidents are dealt with faster and can be more easily prevented in the future.