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Records Management

Records Management

We’re making mismanaged archives a thing of the past.

Institutions that are bound by law to store physical or digital information as evidence of a particular business activity need to ensure their data can be stored safely over an extended period.

GBS offers an innovative record management system that enables users to capture, process and view content ranging from physical documents to emails and social content.

We will set up your system to not only restrict access to certain individuals at points in time but instruct the automated disposal of files once it is legally permitted. This will open space for new data entering the system and save time needed to manage the process.


Improved efficiency

in the storage, retention and disposition of records and records series.

Detailed reports

of which records are eligible for transfer, accession or destruction.

Audit trails

to track all system activity and the entire lifecycle of records.

Customizable and flexible capabilities

– tailored to the needs of the organization.