Gulf Business Solution

Document Archiving and Management

Document Archiving and Management

Never lose a document again.

GBS is ready to innovate the way you manage your digital information assets.

Not only will we make archiving and managing your documents easy, our solutions make finding them again even easier – and we’ll show you how.

Our solutions attach in-depth identifying metadata to documents and files at the point of entry into your system. That means to find a file, or even just the information in that file, you don’t even need to know where it is, you only need to know what it is.

Rules can easily be applied so that files can be virtually grouped through cross-referencing according to context, project-affiliation, and other variables such as time periods, values and media content.

This also means information can be unified across different sources, allowing the user to browse and edit content residing in multiple different external repositories within the ECM user interface.