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Data Recovery/Business Continuity

Data Recovery/Business Continuity

Complete IT services are fully operational in minutes with automated DR solutions that allow for multiple machines and up to five systems at once.


Your competitors may already be building the in-house skills needed to support blockchain, giving them a leg-up on companies taking a wait-and-see approach. Does this sound like you?

The technology doesn’t have to exist publicly to work It can also exist privately – where nodes can be points in a private network and the Blockchain acts like a syndicated ledger.

Blockchain technology is broader than finance It can be applied to any multi-step transaction where traceability and visibility are required such as Supply Chain.

Public and private Blockchain will converge The technology will soon grow into an ecosystem where firms, customers and suppliers can collaborate in a secure, auditable and virtual way.

At a time when leaders across enterprise need to be familiar with blockchain due to the tremendous potential it affords, many struggle to keep up with the continuous hype and advancements in capabilities.

  • Plan to ensure your use-cases are addressed
  • Set-up an architecture and design to your needs
  • Set-up a private cloud and ecosystem
  • Integrate every IT layer from hardware, infrastructure and security to building web-apps for the blockchain network
  • Set-up measurable ROI & TCO profiles